Online Consultations and Learning w/Noni Ayana


images-1.jpeg*ALL SESSIONS ARE PREPAID                    *ALL SESSIONS ARE ONLINE SECURE AND PRIVATE                                                                                                *DUAL VIDEO CONFERENCE                                                                                              *SESSIONS ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE                                                                 *HIPAA COMPLIANT TELE-HEALTH SOFTWARE & ACCESSIBLE FROM ANY ELECTRONIC DEVISE WITH INTERNET CONNECTION 


Marital sex and how to communicate sexual desires.

Guidance on how to prepare for marriage; sexually.

When and how to talk with your child about sex and sexuality.

When and how to disclose your sexual status to your sexual partner.

Abstinence/celibacy guiding and planning.

Food and vaginal health/30 Day Challenge.

Relationships and/or dating guidance and tips.

Dating practices as an older adult.

How to get over a relationship break-up.

How to look for signs of a toxic relationship.

Transitioning out of adult entertainment or the sex work industry.

How-to: oral sex, anal sex, and/or sexual positions.

Discuss the latest information about types of birth controls, contraceptives, and side effects. Also, guidance on deciding which method will work best for you.

Introduction and/or exploration of adult novelties and toys for singles and/or partners.images-2.jpeg

Video conferencing/sex ed classes for large groups; adolescents (given parental consent), young adults, older adults. Rate change may apply. Possible change in video software application for group settings. 

Important information to remember:

  • All sessions are prepaid.
  • All clients must be at least 21 years of age. Unless special arrangements have been discussed; including parental consent.
  • Each session lasts 45 to 50 minutes.
  • All communication, sessions, and associated documentation is confidential.
  • Each client will be required to submit a completed identification application.
  • Each client will be required to sign a consent/confidentiality agreement.
  • It would be beneficial for clients to utilize Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers. If using Safari or Explorer, a plugin may be needed.
  • Consultations are conducted online using a HIPAA compliant therapy practice management software.

Ms Ayana is a sexologist, a sexuality educator and consultant, offering person to person online educational consultations. Sexology is the interdisciplinary study of human sexuality (not necessarily the physical act of sex). In other words, studying how various disciplines, constructs, or contexts (e.g., religion, culture, music, ethnicity, politics, social media, anthropology, medicine, economics, geography, historical events) effect human behavior, and personal views of human sexuality. Ms Ayana specializes in creating a safer space for clients to explore and learn within a broad human sexuality spectrum. Although sessions may include therapeutic or counseling components, and Ms Ayana has years of experience working with behavioral health clients in both clinical and non-clinical settings, she is not a licensed therapist. She works within the realm of an educationist and consultant that provides information, instruction, and guidance on sexuality related topics many people find uncomfortable to discuss with anyone else.

Why seek the expertise a sexuality professional?  A sexologists knowledge, professional training, and experience is specific to the study of human sexuality. Sexuality centered studies provide sexologists a broad base of knowledge and specialized experience. An effective sexuality professional is both culturally and socially aware, and is current with the latest news and trends related to their professional speciality within sexuality. More importantly an effective sexuality professional is responsible, objective, approachable, authentic, and trustworthy. Not all sexologists are alike. There are varying levels of educational experience, professional experience, and subspecialties. It’s up to you to find a professional that best fits your needs. Click here for more information about Noni Ayana’s professional background. 

More about online sessions:

All sessions are client centered. At no point during the session should Ms Ayana be asked or required to disclose personal information or experiences. Any and all personal disclosure is voluntary.

Ms Ayana expects all of her clients to exhibit full corporation, mutual respect, and a willingness to learn; she cannot help anyone that does not want to be helped. During your session you may experience discomfort due to recognition of truth or resistance toward personal accountability. The goal is to increase knowledge, and experience growth psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and of course sexually.

Ms Ayana accepts personal requests. However, it will be to Ms Ayana’s discretion on whether she will fulfill the request. A rate change may apply. Also, depending upon the personal request Ms Ayana may require additional personal information from the client for risk management purposes.

Please keep in mind…
It is possible your consultation/educational needs may require multiple or ongoing sessions. This is okay, as long as there is continuous progression and learning. However, if Ms Ayana feels the client is no longer progressing or has reached their educational goals, she has the right to discontinue any or all future sessions. The client also has the right to discontinue services if the client feels there is no longer a need.

All clients must be at least 21 yrs of age.

Ms Ayana’s consultation guidelines:

  • If Ms Ayana feels uncomfortable she has the right to end discussion at any time during the session.
  • If Ms Ayana feels her safety has been compromised she has the right to end the discussion at any time during the session.
  • Ms Ayana has the right to ban a client from any and all contact or sessions.
  • Nicknames, pet names, terms of endearment, etc., are considered inappropriate when referring to Ms Ayana. She will only respond to Ms Ayana.
  • Vegas rule: Whatever happens within the consultation, stays within the consultation.
  • Ms Ayana only offers online sexuality education. Ms Ayana does not offer pre-recorded or in person appointments at this time. 
  • Ms Ayana enforces a consultant/client privilege.
  • Ms Ayana WILL NOT discuss client sessions details in any public space.
  • Clients are not allowed to have any type of relationship with Ms Ayana other than or outside the consultation space.

All sessions are one on one, unless session type is specified.
If Ms Ayana becomes suspicious of additional unidentified persons within the session space, Ms Ayana has the right to immediately end the session. If the client would like to continue receiving services from Ms Ayana, in this case, the client will have to pay double the hourly rate for the following session.

Within the last few minutes of each session Ms Ayana will attempt to end the session with proper closing salutations. At times the session may abruptly end due to lapse of time or poor connection.



If interested please fill the form below or send an email. Include in the email subject line ‘One to One Consultation’. Explain your consultation interests in your email.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

~Noni Ayana

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