Premarital Consultation Series

Many couples choose premarital counseling in hopes to tighten up a few loose ends or loosen up a few tight ends lol. Personally, I feel premarital counseling can be very helpful with partner communication, and used as a tool to confront relationship issues rarely discussed. However, many premarital counselors tend to underestimate the importance of sexuality, and its affect on the overall health of the relationship.

There always seems to be sexuality related expectations, and they are usually accompanied with assumptions that we should know what those expectations are. After the wedding and after all of the honey has dripped off the moon, is when many couples realize the sexual component of a relationship takes just as much effort as any other relationship component.

Benefits of Premarital Consultations w/Noni Ayana:

  • Recognize and understand the depth of individual sexual identity; past, present, and future.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and discuss sensitive sexuality related topics with your spouse.
  • Learn how to identify and explore intimacy inside and outside the realm of physical sex.
  • Learn how to recognize, understand, and respect personal sexual boundaries.
  • Learn how to communicate spousal sexual expectations.
  • Learn how to maintain a healthy sexual relationship over time; considering life changes (e.g., children, health status, stress, relationship boredom, aging, etc.).

Sexuality is not static; sexual desire maneuvers along a continuum. There is always the opportunity to experience varying levels and differing ways of sexual pleasure. It’s up to you to decide how far you are willing to go the distance, and discover unknown sexual experiences with your lifelong beloved.

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~Noni Ayana

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